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These are the words you will hear when you walk through the door and the feeling you will have while you visit with a barista and sip something spectacular. There is nothing on the menu, food or drink, that we haven’t personally developed the recipe for, and we’ve taste-tested every ingredient that goes into it.

With Sally's vision and love for people and her husband Steve's business and construction experience, they built a dream. Sally, a repurposed human, knows that everything from lumber to people can be reborn and made beautiful again.  With an eye for hidden beauty, the materials chosen for construction came from auctions, craigs list and even some junk yards

Blend was established in 2019 but was a dream years in the making.  Sally, the visionary behind Blend, knew what Douglas needed. She told anyone who would listen hoping they would build it so she could work there. She waited 15 years and realized that she was going to have to build it.

Our team is as beautiful as our building! We hire people lovers and repurpose them into coffee experts. They are the kindest, friendliest people on the planet.  They are part of the reason that when you enter Blend you feel something special. You can't quite put your finger on what it is, but what you do know, is that the feeling is rare.

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